STIHL Guide Bar for GS 461

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Guide bars provide precise guidance to the chainsaw with minimal friction loss. They have to take on the toughest jobs without warping. This guide bar was designed especially for the GS 461 and features water channels. Even the sprocket nose is washed with water. The bar also has a hardened chain track and two additional holes for attaching the saw chain, which extends the tensioning range. Thanks to the front-facing positioning of the nozzles in the sprocket cover, the operator doesn’t get wet when the tool is in use.

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  • STIHL guide bars are optimised in terms of a reduced kickback tendency.
  • Lateral control of the saw chain is provided by a continuous groove around the perimeter of the guide bar through which the drive links run.
  • The groove also channels the chain oil. The chain slides over the guide bar between the lugs that remain at both sides.

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